• Nico de Buck
    I learned so much during the 5 week course, it was very good. This is definitely the one to do, because I checked out all the TEFL Courses in Pattaya and The Britannia is by far the best!
    Nico de Buck
  • Dave Frampton
    I had no idea what to expect when I joined the course, and I was a little apprehensive. I needn’t have worried though, my instructor made me feel at ease almost immediately, and he made the whole 5 weeks very enjoyable. He gave me self-belief which I never knew I had, and now I know that I can teach with confidence.
    Dave Frampton
  • Daniel Arnstein
    This was an excellent course! I learned a great deal and I really enjoyed it. If someone asked where to go to do a TEFL Course, The Britannia School would be the place I’d recommend.
    Daniel Arnstein
  • Richard Van Munster
    I came to Thailand to pursue a career as an English teacher and The Britannia school tefl course has helped me achieve this. Even as a non-native English speaker, with the skills and knowledge I gained on the 5 week course, I have had no problems finding employment. I now have the confidence to stand in front of 40 Thai children, holding their attention by delivering lessons that are interesting and fun. Teaching has definitely changed my life, and that’s thanks to The Britannia School!
    Richard Van Munster
  • Bob Easom
    The Britannia tefl course supplied me with all the resources and knowledge to pursue a career in teaching English in Thailand. Since I completed the course I have been permanently employed teaching in the local government schools here in Pattaya. A more rewarding and satisfying occupation would be hard to find.
    Bob Easom
  • Shaun Tracy
    I can say that I have enjoyed the course immensely, and that I have learned a lot. What I’ve learned will really help me to achieve my aim of being a successful teacher. If your thinking of becoming an English teacher, then look no further than The Britannia School.
    Shaun Tracy
  • Cliff Vaughan
    I found the 5 week tefl course very intensive, but extremely educating. It was well structured, professionally run and involved a high standard of teaching and expertise. I found it enjoyable and very rewarding, and after 5 weeks I felt that I could teach confidently to any age and ability level, anywhere. I would recommend The Britannia School to anyone who is serious about becoming an EFL/ESL teacher.
    Cliff Vaughan
  • Will Morrison
    I would definitely recommend The Britannia School tefl course. I think that the way the course starts, develops and then concludes is an extremely good process. You can feel yourself gaining knowledge all the time. In the space of 5 weeks, you can observe your fellow students developing from individuals not knowing what to do, to people who have  become effective and successful teachers.
    Will Morrison
  • Sheridan Helsby-Knight
    I learnt more English Grammar on this 5 week course then I did in my 12 years of schooling. Our trainer was an excellent teacher; he described everything to the very last point so it was easy to understand. He instilled more confidence in me than I ever thought I could have. So thank you to The Britannia School for giving me this amazing experience.
    Sheridan Helsby-Knight