About Us

The Britannia Language School

Our school Experience in teaching over 10 years we have licensed. The Ministry of Education is required by law. Whether you are a foreigner or Thai. We welcome your suggestions for each course that you are interested in learning. Private or Twin course.

We Teach These English, Germen, Chinese, Russian, French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Thai Course for Education Visas Language Courses on a one by one Basis to Advanced. Students complete the course (120 hours) Students will receive a Certification from the Ministry of Education.

We teach Thai on a one by one basis. This format enables you to learn much quicker than in a Private Course. A basic course is of 60 hours and we guarantee that you will be able to understand basic Thai.

You can learn everything included in course and much more. Take this conversation course if you want to greatly increase the number of Thai words and phrases you can learn understand and speak conversations during your daily activities. This is the course to learn to read and write basic course of instruction, you can learn about 2,000 Thai words.